The Aide of Visual Design

When we look at web pages and other things on the internet, the layout and design of the page often plays an important role as to whether we will actually use the page and keep coming back to it again.  If a web page is visually appealing, we will be more likely to use it for whatever we need from it.  If it is not creative and doesn’t make use of good communication, we will probably move on to other sites that do.  When I take a look at the website of “30 FAQ Webpage Layouts with Effective User Experience“, there are many creative sites among these that do a good job enhancing user experience.

While many of these web sites have good characteristics, the 3 web sites that I liked the most from their FAQ page are Hulu, Vimeo, and Etsy.  I liked these because of the clear and concise design of the pages.  The layouts on each of these were easy to navigate and use to search for a solution.  Because these are FAQ pages, the way questions can be broken up by categories and topics can be very useful when looking for an answer.  I also think that a question search is a must for these types of pages.  If I don’t want to search through the topics or my question may not be covered in the topic section, it is nice to be able to type it in a search box and look for it that way.


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