Indiana Trauma Centers Needed

Indiana health officials say that Indiana is in need of more trauma centers in order to accommodate the residence that live in the state.  Right now, only 58% of Indiana residence live within 45 minutes of a trauma center.   South Bend has one of the 8 centers in the state with the others being located in Indianapolis (3), Fort Wayne (2), and Evansville (2).  Traumatic deaths account for the most deaths of Indiana residence under the age of 45.

Setting up more trauma centers in the state would probably reduce the amounts of deaths significantly in the state.  Time is one of the greatest resources to saving lives when it comes to the medical field.  The faster medical attention can begin to be administered, the greater the chance of a positive outcome.  With so many residence living more than 45 minutes away from a trauma center, precious seconds are wasted when the patient is in route.


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