Thousands of Non-EU Students may be Deported from London

Many people in the United States think that the chance to study abroad is a great way to enhance the educational experience.  It gives us the chance to experience a new culture and perhaps a new language we are not too familialr with.  We meet new people and build relationships with people who may be very different than us. 

It is a shame that UK Border Agency will be taking that chance away from thousands of London Metropolitan University students because a “small minority” of students may not have proper documentation.   The university was stripped of it’s “highly trusted status” for sponsoring international students and now everyone (even if they had proper documentation to begin with) will have to find new sponsors or face deportation. 

Liam Burns, NUS president, said: “It is disgusting that international students continue to be used as a political football by politicians who seem either incapable of understanding, or are simply uncaring about the impact of their decisions on individuals, universities and the UK economy…”.  The Guardian has the full story here.


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