More Campus Safety Tips….

Not only must we protect ourselves from someone trying to harm or steal from us, we must also stay safe when it comes to fires on campus.  Fire safety tips are good to know in case you’re ever in that situation because panicking is not a good response.

There are many other ways in which we can protect ourselves from other harm as well.  We may want to purchase devices such as room alarms, room safes, personal alarms, pepper spray, etc.  While such devices are not absolutely necessary, they can only be beneficial if we ever encounter a dangerous situation.  If we are ever assaulted and don’t have something like pepper spray, this is a good video to watch because it shows some basic techniques to defend ourselves if we are ever attacked.

Indiana University campus safety is something important to me because I am a student at Indiana University South Bend.   Here a couple good links to find out about crime stats, action plans, emergency procedures, crime prevention information, etc. at both IUSB and IU Bloomington.  Get all the information with my storify story! #W315


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