Staying Safe on a College Campus!

When we go off to college, safety is not always in the forefront of our mind.  Many of us are focused on academics or perhaps sports on campus.  When deciding on what college to attend, this easy safety checklist should be a must for both parents and students.  This Readers Digest article gives some examples of just what can happen when we ignore safety.  However, it also gives examples of how colleges are doing more to improve safety.  Indiana University is taking proactive steps by creating a simple escort service for students to use in order to keep students safe.  Safety should always be a concern whether you’re in the dorms, your car, or walking alone at night.  These simple tips are you a few things you can do to insure your safety.  Over 10,000 college students were victimized by either assault or burglary.  Watch this video to make sure you are not one of these statistics.  Catch more information via my storify story!! #W315


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