Internet Curating

With so much information out there on the web, it is impossible for someone to go through every bit of information that may be useful.  Some estimate that the content on the web will soon to be nearly doubling every 72 hours.  This will make it continually harder for people to continue to sift through all of this information.  Rohit Bhargava is a marketing expert who helped found the world’s largest team of social media strategists at Ogilvy.  In his blog titled “Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future?”, he talks about what internet curating is and how this job is the next big thing for the future.

Internet curating is a fairly new concept where someone is designated to go through as much content as possible to pull out the best and most relevant content and organize it for people to use. This will allow people to look at content and social media driven by content instead of marketing.  Jon Vickers was named the first director of the Indiana University Cinema, a bold initiative to build a world-class film screening program at the university.  His job as cinema director at IU requires him to know his audience and bring cinema that are going to challenge his audience.  This requires him to act as a sort of curator and filter the movies by certain criteria that are to be shown.  Here he talks about his job as a curator around the 3:20 mark of the mp3.

Internet curating can take shape in many forms.  It can take form in news feeds, blogs, twitter tweets, and so forth.  Aletha Tavares is a blogger who says the idea of curation is to get the best quality information as quickly as possible to be shared and displayed.  It is a very selective approach to searching, gathering, presenting and displaying internet content around certain fixed sets of interests or subject matter.  She describes more about what curation is about in her blog titled “Content Curation: The Internet Curators”.  Here Tavares says, “Content Curation is, nothing but, digital information repackaged and dished out to the reader in a more refined and sophisticated manner by an expert or knowledgeable person who you can trust”.

Curation can help build up a following for bloggers or gain followers on twitter.  Jay Rosen is a teacher of journalism at NYU who also critiques the press and studies new media.  He is a successful blogger who says the classic formula for success as a blogger: turn a passion into a niche, then dominate that niche.  If you can find enough people interested in what you have to say, you can become a leader in that field of expertise.


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